Monday, October 24, 2011

Exploring with the Bensons

Our best friends, the Bensons, came down from Provo to spend fall break with us & it was great! I was a little worried about our family of 5 plus their family of 6 fitting into our 3-bedroom, 1300 sf home, but it worked out all right & we had a great time. Plus - we were out exploring more than hanging around at home.
We had a terrific time & saw some things we haven't seen before!! Here are some fun memories:

-Brent's "impromptu" birthday party! We hurried & got the decorations out & I had made some peanut butter chocolate bars that we used for a cake :) Happy Birthday Brent!
-Getting the kids to bed every night. That was always fun :) they were just so excited to be together that they had a bit of a hard time going to sleep.
-Gabbing & playing a rousing game of Cranium (boys cheat! ;) late at night.
-Cascade Falls. We went around through Parowan (Cedar Canyon road had a major landslide a few weeks ago), stopped at Cedar Breaks & down to Cascade Falls We had a picnic when we got there & then had a beautiful hike to the waterfall. It was just gorgeous & perfect hiking weather. The kids all did great.
-Date night! We hired a couple YW from the ward to watch the kids while we had a date night. We watched Contagion in the the theater. Wow. Pretty depressing, but also fascinating & great acting. And just great to get out. I was trying to remember the last time we'd seen a movie in the theaters...We went to Applebees afterwards & had a yummy meal (which was yummier because we had a gift certificate :) Fun date-night!
-Jason & Brent took McKinley & Zach to Kanarraville Falls early Saturday morning. They were supposed to be back by 10, but had so much fun, they didn't get back till 11:30. The rest of us had a great time hanging out & then going to Discovery Park. Afterwards, we met up at the Cedar City Aquatic Center. The kids all had a blast there!
-Kolob Canyon. We drove to the top & hiked the Timbercreek trail & saw some awesome views & a beautiful sunset.
-Pizza Party! We celebrated Kezia & Logan's 2nd birthday (their birthdays are about 12 hours apart) & the kids had fun helping decorate the cake & helping them open gifts.
-Ebbelskeevers Sunday morning & having to say see ya next time.

Even with all the beauty, we still couldn't convince them to come move down here! We loved our time with them, though & hope to see them real soon. Love ya Bensons!


Trish said...

WOW-GORGEOUS!!! Loving the beautiful fall out there!

Tiff Meister said...

My goodness Heidi, I love the pictures. Looks like an amazing place to visit and the perfect time of year to go. Love you and miss you tons!