Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Surprise Girl

I just love my McKinley. Not sure where she gets it from, but McKinley LOVES doing surprises.

She loves putting treats in her daddy's work bag for him to find later, throwing parties for her stuffed animals, sending letters & e-mails to her friends and family, leaving treats for neighbors, and writing notes, notes, notes. A little note for someone feeling sad, a note for someone's birthday, a note to say she's sorry, a note to say she loves you, a note with a drawing on it, a note just because.

The other night, McKinley got it in her head that she wanted to do a surprise for our family. She wouldn't tell us what it was & even though we didn't try to guess, she kept asking if we thought we knew what it was. We assured her that we didn't. She asked me to wake her when I woke up. I told her that would probably be a BIT too early (5:30am), so I told her I'd wake her up at 7am. The next morning & 7am, she got right up & went into the kitchen and wouldn't let ANYone in there till she said it was ready.

Finally, at the risk of Jason being late for work, she let us in. The table was all set - bowls out, spoons out, cereal out, and chocolate milk made for every person at the table. I could have been frustrated by the fact that she used most of the milk & chocolate in the process, or that 3 of the cups of milk spilled within the first 5 minutes, but I decided that it really didn't matter. She was so thoughtful to do this for our family.

As I was cleaning up, I found this "to-do" list :)


Trish the Dish said...

OH MY GOODNESS that is ADORABLE!!!!I love that girl! Wow, that to do list is a KEEPER :)!

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Oh, that is so cute!