Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Da Vinci Code

Ok - so I know all of you have already read the book and seen the movie and it's old news now, but I just saw The Da Vinci Code for the first time last night and my mind is still reeling this morning with questions.
How did she figure out the account code for the keystone box? Why did the policeman wait at the gate before bombarding the old guys' house (do you like how I remember the names?) Why did they take the white "ghost" guy with them to London? In the church, how did the white guy know that the assistant guy was "The Teacher"? Was Tom Hanks' character really a "holy grail" himself - what about the blood that dripped into a knife? It makes me wonder if he was the "killed" brother in the "accident". Some of these I could probably answer if I watched it again. Unfortunately, it was erased from our DVR & I'd have to rent it, so feel free to answer.
Of course, then there's the deeper questions - How exactly would finding the Holy Grail prove or disprove Jesus Christ's divinity? Because people wouldn't believe Christ's divinity if he was married & had a child? But what of the scriptures that tell us that Jesus' conception was by the Holy Ghost? If this is true, he was divine not matter what, right? Also, the "other books" of the Bible fasinate me - the fact that Phillip or even Mary Magdelene had written accounts of Christ's life. You just wonder what treasures they might contain and what the council that decided what to put into the bible really was like.
Anyway, there's my ramblings and questions. I'm sure those of you who have read the book have very insightful answers. As far as I'm concerned, It really wouldn't suprise me a bit if Jesus were married and possibly had a child - and either way it doesn't take away one bit from the miralces, words, actions and especially atonement of Jesus Christ. In some ways, I think all these questions and speculation about Jesus' marriage distract us from his messages. Obviously this movie distracted me.


The Linthorsts said...

Heidi- have you read the book? Its so much better than the movie and answers a ton of those questions that you have. I think they had to leave a lot out because the movie would be too long... It was so good to see you guys! I hope all is well!

Pelagia said...

Good for people to know.