Monday, June 30, 2008

That %*&^# Truck!

Sorry about this, but I just have to vent. Last December, we bought a Dodge Ram long bed truck - something Jason's wanted for a l o n g time. Jason drives the car to work since the gas mileage is obviously better, so I have the "opportunity" to drive the truck. At first I thought it would be cool - you know - cute chick driving a big truck. Right now, I'm just hoping never to drive the dang thing again. Today while backing it out of our small garage, I turned the wheel, trying to give myself more room and s c r a p e - it grated against Jason's pontoon which was hanging from the wall. CRINGE. There is now a huge, deep scrape in his nice truck. It would be one thing if this were the first time I have done damage with this truck. Here are my other offenses (I'm preempting the coming "discussion" tonight):
1. Not directly related to the truck, but I scraped the right side of the car trying to pull in far enough on the right side of the garage to give Jason plenty of room to get the truck in.
2. One side of our garage is deeper than the other, but it is just BARELY wide enough for that blasted thing. I pulled in and grazed the right front corner against the wall corner.
3. I ran over my bike rim with the truck.
4. I was pulling into my mom's driveway & didn't turn wide enough and bumped my brother's back right bumper with the truck's back right bumper.

I consider myself a decent driver. Only one stupid ticket in my life, but apparently I am retarded when it comes to big trucks. I hope Jason permantly revokes my license to drive that thing. So there you go. I have vented and admitted my lack of "deftness", "catiousness", whatever with the truck. Maybe I'm subcounciously trying to hurt it because it hurts us in the wallet so much (diesel).

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Britany said...

Great job on the triathlon!!

I recently ran into Jer's work truck just like you did on #4 (pulling in to the driveway). Yuck! I feel your pain! :)