Friday, January 15, 2010

Bumper Stickers and Books

Ahhh, here's one of those posts -you know - the "fill-in" kind when you don't have a lot else to say.

Some people have bumper stickers that say "my kid is smarter than yours" or "my kid plays clarinet better than yours." Well, while my kids are certainly smart and beautiful, they are also unique, so I think my children would have bumper stickers that go something like this:

Ireland's bumper sticker: MY KID IS MESSIER THAN YOUR KID!

Honestly, this girl CONSTANTLY amazes me at how she can take almost anything and make a huge, massive, disastrous mess out of it. We keep trying to help her - and I keep thinking as she gets older she'll figure out how to be a bit cleaner, but not yet. Good thing she's so dang cute!

(Sorry about the video. Just turn your head)

McKinley's bumper sticker: MY KID DAWDLES MORE THAN YOUR KID!
This girl honestly could win an award at taking the most time for any one activity. I love her to death - and at the same time she drives me crazy. Every meal she is the last one at the table, slowly eating her food. I KNOW I should be better about just letting her take her time - especially when it comes to food - but sometimes you got places to be! Also - her morning things, which should take about a 1/2 hour when done continuously, end up taking an hour or two. If she was sent to me for any one reason, it would be patience!

Ok - I realize that most infants love to look at ceiling fans - all my girls have, but SERIOUSLY, Kezia is in LOVE with them. This video just doesn't do it justice. She will laugh, talk to, and just generally smile like crazy as she watches that fan go round and round. Honestly, she would be happy as a lark if we just sat by the switch and turned it on & off all day long.
For me, one of the biggest perks of being a mom is that I get to read books to my kids. It is very hard for me to say no when they run up to me with a book and beg me to read it to them. The library is one of our very favorite places to go and we go through our fair share of books (and fines to match). Some books are blah, some of them are so-so, some are pretty good, and some are just amazing! The rhymes and story lines they come up with simply amaze me at times and I think I am just as entertained as my children. Here are a few of our favorites that we have checked out multiple times:

-Baa-Choo! By Sarah Weeks, Jane Manning
-Mary Had a Little Lamp By Jack Lechner (we just got this one and I had to renew it - so cute!)
-Knuffle Bunny & Knuffle Bunny Too By Mo Willems (we love Mo Willems. These books are just as fun for the parents to read)
-Moondogs, Daniel Kirk
-Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton (we're big Sandra Boynton fans and my girls LOVE to say OOPS!)


Get Hooked said...

Ok now that you have said it, I'm wondering if it is a 4 year old thing. Alyssa is the same way. I am constantly reminding her what she is suppose to be doing. She will sit and play in her room with nothing on but her underwear. I'll say, GET DRESSED! to which she reply's, "oh yea, I forgot!" HOW DO YOU FORGET?!?!?! Seriously. Maybe I'm suppose to be learning patience, not trying to teach her to focus. This may change my perspective... Thanks!

Also, have you checked out anything from Robert Munsch? He is a favorite at our house. The Paper Bag Princes, Stephanie's Pony Tail, and I love you forever. Those are my top 3 from him.

Patricia Potts said...

Heidi, I absolutely LOVED your post.. definately one of my favorites. Ireland reminds me so much of you at her age as far as messes go. I also TOTALLY understand the dawdling that was often a part of my mornings and I remember saying the exact same words you are saying...sigh...payback! :)

Take heart. They will also grow up to be as beautiful, efficient, loving and amazing as you are!


Lena Baron said...

Oh Heidi, Loved this post!! Also, thank you for the precious DVD you so thoughtfully made me. It was fun and a bit embarassing to give Leif a view into our childhood. Thanks!! Love You!!

Trisha said...

ok Heid, VERY fun post. Thanks! I loved it! And especially loved to see Kezi watch the fan as I haven't had the pleasure of doing yet. Seriously, I flippin' LOVE you and your kids. I feel so attached to them! I think it might be the prego hormones but I was startin' to tear up reading and watching your post. Love you guys!

Kris & Amy Morris said...

I loved that post! So funny! My kids definitely have their own funny little quirks! I can't believe how much McKinley looks like you! So stinkin' cute!