Friday, January 22, 2010

Hair Scare Dare

Ok Allison, this one's for you!
The dare is to post one of the worst hair 'dos you've ever had. Here's a couple pics for your *cough, cough* enjoyment:

I cringe whenever I look at these photos. Of course, I had to have the worst hair in the universe during the most important years of my life so far - end of Junior High to my Senior year in HS. It all started with diving during my Freshman year. I wanted to dive so I could get my letter, which I did - the sacrifice for that, however, was my hair. I don't think you can really even appreciate it from the first picture, but my beautiful blond hair had darkened & now was a dirty-blond, gross-shiny, chlorine-filled mess. Yuck. It really had green tints to it if you looked close enough.
So - what's a girl to do - cut it all off? Of course not! Instead I chose to start bleaching. Chlorine + tons of bleach + tons of sun (from lifeguarding during HS years) = DAMAGED hair! You can't tell me the 2nd picture doesn't look like I'm wearing some cheap wig. Ug. My hair was so damaged, I had to put leave-in conditioner in it just to brush through it.
So there you have it. The dare is to post the worst hair pics you have - and PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one!!


Patricia Potts said...

Heidi, I think you look gorgeous in both pictures! Just because I'm your mom doesn't disqualify me from the vote!!

Allison said...

I love it! Thanks for doing it.

Kris & Amy Morris said...

This is so funny! I LOVED your hair in HS & I could never tell it was damaged or green or anything! LOL!

Kris & Amy Morris said...

By the way, I dug up some pretty nasty hair pics of me & posted them on my blog! Thanks for the challenge. LOL.