Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December Slideshow & Newsletter

-McKinley was pushing a stroller with a doll in it – and by her, pushing the other stroller with a different doll, was Ireland. McKinley was explaining to her “Ireland, these are our babies. I’m an aunt to your baby. Not a bug – a HUMAN aunt!”
-McKinley was singing “We miss you a Merry Christmas, we miss you a Merry Christmas…”
-One day McKinley asked “Why can’t we call Jesus?” (mom said we could pray) McKinley said “But why doesn’t He have a phone?”
-Mom told McKinley if she got ready fast, dad would take them sledding. McKinley got all excited, ran out of the room & yelled “Ireland!! We’re going on a sleigh ride!”
-Mom was driving McKinley to preschool one day & McKinley said, “I saw a cow!, wait –it was a yak!”
-On the way back from preschool mom told McKinley that she loved her. McKinley said “Why do you say I love you all day?” Mom said “so you won’t forget!” McKinley said “Mom. I never forget.”
-At This is the Place Heritage Park, we saw live reindeer. On our way out, McKinley said “But mom, where was the one with the red nose?”
-On the drive home, McKinley saw a deer sign. She said “Watch out for reindeer dad!”
-1 hour after we put the girls to bed, we heard singing. McKinley would sing “You better watch out, you better not cry!” and then both girls on the chorus SCREAMING “SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!”
-McKinley is big into jokes nowdays. She says “Why did the chicken cross the road?” And usually the answer goes something like “because he wanted to see his friends!!”
-McKinley was saying the prayer when some bodily sounds were heard. She stopped & said “Wow! I tooted and sneezed at the same time!!”
-McKinley likes to explain to Kezia how the world works. One day she was sitting by Kezia & saying “Kezia…Santa is nice! He gives us presents because of Jesus!”
-One day we had this lunchtime conversation: Mc-“I want to be an elf!” Mom-“Why?” Mc-“Because I like to work!” Mom- “Really? Well, you can help me work!” Mc –“Ok, well, maybe just a play elf.”
-McKinley asked one day “Mom – do people in heaven have TVs?”

-One day mom found Ireland affectionately giving her baby doll Kezia’s used nose sucker for a bottle.
-Ireland plays her own game of “I spy” whenever we’re in the car. We’re constantly hearing “I see the sky! I see a plane! I see a car!” or “Daddy…watch out for deer!”
-For some reason, Ireland thinks everything starts with the letter P. She will try to sound it out & go “P-P-P chair!”
-After Christmas, we asked Ireland what her favorite part was. She answered “Chocolate!” We laughed & asked her what her favorite gift was. She said “Chocolate!” Hmmm – must be related to her parents.
-Lately when people ask how old Ireland is, she holds up 4 fingers & says “four!”
-We’ve had a lot of problems with Ireland biting lately. She bit McKinley 3 times & Kezia once.
-Ireland has been drawing a lot lately (she’s pretty good – and a lefty). She likes to draw lots of pictures of her daddy and spiders.
-For some reason Ireland has been wearing socks on her hands a lot.

-We love our little Kezi-boo. She smiles all the time now & mostly does this cough-laugh thing, although we have heard her full-on giggle, too.
-Kezia is a pretty good sleeper – she usually goes 6-8 hrs, although one night she slept for a full 9 hours!
-Her 2 month check-up went well. Dr. Daynes says she looks great – about 75th percentile in height, 50th percentile in weight, and 80th percentile on her head. She had to get 2 shots, poor thing.
-Kezia was sleeping in her vibrator chair for about 2 months, but she was just getting too big. She’s been sleeping well in her crib now.
-Her sisters still love her to death & want to hold & talk to & lay by her all the time.
-Kezia was such a good girl on her blessing day. She slept a lot and was so good with everyone holding her.


Lena Baron said...

As usual, I love to read these! Such precious girls!!

Patricia Potts said...

I love your blogs Heidi. It's like driving to Heriman and enjoying a morning with you...almost... We are looking forward to watching the girls more while you go out