Friday, August 27, 2010

Would you pay someone to Homeschool your child?

I am asking for EVERYone's opinion, so please leave a comment!
My sister & I have been thinking, talking, researching...
and we're wondering:

Would you pay someone to home school your child?

I know it sounds weird - and you may wonder if it's even legal (it is), but think about it. If you, like me, have major concerns about the public education system (lack of funding, apathetic teachers, too many kids in a classroom with varied needs, etc), but there's no way you could afford $800+/mo. for private education, and you don't think you could handle homeschooling your children yourself (and in my case, my daughter learns so much better from other people), this is something that could take care of some of those issues.

This is how it might work: Your child would be going to a designated home where the group home-school would be taught. They would be part of a 10-15 student class, meeting for an approx. 6-hour day. The parent would be invited to be actively involved in their child's education, including deciding on field trips, uniforms, curriculum, calendar, etc. This would be a Christian/LDS-based school where high morals are taught & expected.

Would you or someone you know pay $350/child for this per month? (not including materials or lunches)
If you were interested, would it matter to you to have the teacher someone with a degree - or would an experienced homeschooling mom be enough?

We're trying to get a feel for this before we really jump into it and so your input is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Allison said...

Just my opinion: No I wouldn't. But I really like our school. I think if you are an involved parent and make your presence known at the school your child's education will benefit. I personally do not hold the teacher nor the district responsible for teaching my child everything they need to know. I think that is my job. I teach my kids how to read by myself. So, I wouldn't pay anyone else. If I was going to have a home school environment then I would do it myself.

Lena Baron said...

ABSOLUTELY! I wish for that every day! I just don't have the money. We have thought about setting up a system like what you're thinking about. And with our current situation in town, we might set it up sooner. I'll let you know. CRAZY!

Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

Hmmm... This issue is so hard. I have friends on both sides of the spectrum, and I guess it would depend on the child. Some children do better at home, some do better in a more social environment. The whole point is getting involved with your child's education and figuring out which way your child learns.

My mother-in-law teaches at the American Heritage school in American Fork, by the temple and they are christian/lds based, and the tuition is actually affordable. I would send my children there, except for the commute. They have a great home school cirriculum that they teach parents how to apply their principles. You should go take their course.

lindsay said...

I think it is a great idea Heidi and would be a fantastic option for many parents! I actually really LOVE our school. I think that much of the learned success depends on the parental involvement in the child's learning no matter the environment but a home-schooling one would probably perpetuate a lot of growth. My kids are in an independent learning group called Kumon after school and they are learning to be self-reliant with their education with mom and dad as helpers when needed. I have found this to be a wonderful program. Good luck and I want to know how things progress with this... p.s. on a totally unrelated note, i need some more advice/comfort with the homebirthing idea... i think i may go for it... we'll see!

Get Hooked said...

I'm not sure I really have a great valid opinion on this issue since I am just starting in the public school. However, if I am going to be paying anyone for anything I want credentials. So a degree is important. I also agree that your kids will get what you (as parents) put into their education. I fully agree that there are too many kids in the classroom for one teacher, and that is when we as parents need to fill in the many gaps that public education has. Because lets be honest, it isn't perfect or even ideal.

On a different note, I'm cheap... or poor. (is there a difference?) so paying for something that I can get for free with additional work for me is more my style. One day I hope to be able to afford things like this, but until then it involves more work for me in order to save some money.

There you have it. Good Luck with your decision.

Becka said...

I have sent my kids to public school, homeschooled them and they currently go to a charter school. We have moved several times and have attended several different public schools and did several home school programs. Since I have been on many sides of this issue I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of school settings.
I know from painful experience that every child will not fit into the public school system. Some bright creative children flounder because of it's rigid curriculum and rules. Of course some schools are better than others but many of the good schools are only on the wealthy side of the tracks, you must be picked by chance or you must pay a large tuition and even then some kids still fall through the cracks. Learning from my own children I would do, pay, drive, teach or volunteer for just about anything to have my kids succeed in school. To have them enjoy school and enjoy learning.

Not all kids fit into the public school atmosphere. Many of those same children wouldn't fit into a private school or charter school atmosphere as well. They need the individual attention that homeschooling needs. I think it's a great idea and I think many parents would consider it as long as there child was given enough individual attention.

...and just a note. Homeschooled kids get a lot, I mean a lot of social opportunities. But often it is with kids of all ages where they can strive be like the more mature and developed kids and not be forced to learn manners from kids there own age. Also, many kids freak out in social environments (like school). In these cases less social opportunities with more instruction on how to behave before every gathering gives them confidence that they otherwise wouldn't have. Just a small pet peeve of mine. Thanks

Oh, and Heidi's sister is finishing her teaching degree so degrees wouldn't be a problem but I don't think that's important at all. Some parents it seems were born to teach and can do so much better then most of the teachers in any local elementary s....and Heidi and her sister are one of them.

Melissa said...

I say "momma knows best" :) u know what is best for YOUR child and were given your "intuition" for a reason. Pray about it as I know u do, and do what u feel is right :) I can see benefits of all choices. I've talked to different friends that have done all of the options and find it interesting.

I will say I find it interesting people find it so important their children went to private schools and forked out the money, but yet didn't help pay for college?! Won't give my opinion there ;)

Good luck! I love your idea, but $350 is a lot of money!

Stephanie said...

I think it could be a great idea. I have no intention of sending my kids through public school (when I have them). I know that some public schools aren't so bad, but they're far and few between.

I like the home school/private school route because it gives you more control over what your children learn and are exposed to, both academically and socially.

Is there a way to see where the kids who have already gone through this program fall in comparison to state and national statistics for testing? I know from experience that just because somebody has a degree in education, it doesn't mean that they're teacher material. As long as somebody can prove that they are effective in a classroom, that's good enough for me.

You can also supplement with online courses and the like.

Lena Baron said...

You sure you guys dont want to move here and help me set up a school????:)

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

That is actually exactly what I am doing with Bella this year. A Private Homeschooling co-op! Schooling is the hardest choice for a mom I think because it molds them at their most impressionable age. We did Public Kindergarten...had a great teacher, it was awesome! I couldn't let her be away for 7 hours a day though, 5 days a week for 1st grade, 6 is too young to get a full-time job. Good luck with setting that up. I think it is absolutely hands down worth it. And if you need more info. on the way the one we are attending is set up let me know. And don't even get me started on my problems with the public school system. Charters are a great option and look into a thing called Benjamin Franklin Academy, if it still exists in Utah it might be what you are looking for.
It's all just such a hard decision. When the prophet raised the bar...he raised it for everyone including and especially parents. And this version of schooling demands the best of me. We love it. I hope it works out.
Love you guys!

Mecham Family said...

It's so hard! I know what you are going through! We would love to do private school someday, but decided to save up for it and go that route at a more crucial time in our children's life. Most kids, even in our "corrupted" West Valley, do fine through most of elementary, as long as their parents are actively participating in their children's education. Then at about age 10-12, most kids here are going off the deep end. That's when we would pull our kids out and send them somewhere else or try to move to a better school. This is just my opinion, but I don't think you need to waste your hard-earned money until then... or until you see other warning signs earlier that your children aren't thriving or are going the wrong direction in their education. Most schools and teachers are great. It's the lack of parental involvement that's ruining everything. Charter schools and private schools are thriving because they are filled with children that have parents that care.

Rippyfamily said...

I am our county's homeschool coordinator and this question has come up twice this week in our group. So this is my comment: I have been homeschooling my children for 10 years and if I could no longer do it, (due to illness, etc) I WOULD consider paying someone else to do so. I think that you need to have a trustworthy person of course. Maybe a family member or another mother in my local homeschool group? I don't see any difference in paying someone else to homeschool your children than hiring a tutor. A home education is a right and our state law here in WV doesn't specify that the parent has to do the homeschooling. With that being said, I would highly suggest you review your state homeschooling laws to make sure you are complying with the law by doing so or contact HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Assoc.) to get their advice. :)