Thursday, August 5, 2010

July 2010 Recap

Sorry I've been a posting slacker. I've been working on like 3 different posts, but something always gets in the way!
The slideshow is massively long, but it includes a lot of things - 4th of July celebrations, Ireland's bday parties, my triathlon, the girls' swimming lessons, 24th Idaho pictures & pics from the hospital.


-One day, McKinley said “I wish Dora was my sister & Boots was my brother cuz he can talk”

-We were talking about re-doing McKinley’s morning chores. Mom asked her what chores she would like to do. McKinley thought for a minute & said “hmmm – I know! Going to the zoo!”

-McKinley has been big into maps this past month. She drew a map & showed where we lived. She talked about the earth and countries.

-We’ve been reading James & the Giant Peach this past month & then we watched the movie. The book was definitely better. It was a fun read since it was one of mom’s favorite books growing up. She earned enough reading points with the library to get 3 prizes!

-McKinley lately has talked about going to heaven & seeing Jesus. She talks about how sad she’ll be if we get separated as a family. One day she said “Mom! I know! If we’re making a chain (holding hands) when we’re walking to the store & a car hits us, then we’ll all go to heaven as a family!”

-We were driving back from swimming lessons & Mom was talking to McKinley about not growing up too fast & how much she’ll miss her when she grows up & moves away. McKinley said “But Mom! I’ll be your neighbor! I promise mom!”

-McKinley did really well in her swimming lessons. She is really starting to swim by herself! She practices big scooping arms & can do monkey-airplane-soldier really well. More than that, she has fun meeting new friends & she loved her teacher. She also loved jumping off the diving board & going doing the slide.

-We got a library book that had a story involving Ireland, which was fun, but McKinley wanted one about Mount McKinley, so we rented a book about Alaska with beautiful, big pictures of Mount McKinley. When people ask McKinley her name, she’ll often reply “McKinley! I was named after a beautiful, strong mountain!”

-Mom is somehow always the last one out of the room after we say goodnight to the girls & inevitably, McKinley says before mom shuts the door “Mom! Mom! I have to tell you something!” One night she said this & mom said “yes, McKinley?” She said “Mom – you know that one in heaven?” Mom: “umm – Jesus?” Mc: no, the other one. Mom : Heavenly Father? Mc: No – the other one. Mom: The Holy Ghost? Mc: yeah. What’s his name mom? Mom: Umm. The Holy Ghost. Mc:But mom, what’s his NAME? Mom: Ummm. I don’t know, sweetie. We just call him “Holy Ghost.” That girl never stops thinking & wondering.

-McKinley has been really big into inventions & experiments lately. She will bring us interesting “inventions” consisting of cups, toys, utensils, paper, etc all wrapped in tape, or we will walk into the kitchen & find one of her many “experiments” with food. She is a natural-born scientist!

-McKinley loves her cousin Michael SO SO much (she tells me so). She keeps trying to think up ways of us moving into their house or them moving here. We keep telling her it just won’t work, but she’s determined to find a way.


-Ireland saw a 4th of July float when we were driving to Richfield. She said “look mom! It’s Christmas inside!” which it did look pretty Christmas-y with sparkles all over.

-HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY IRELAND! We told her that they were doing fireworks and having a parade to celebrate her big day since it was held on her birthday this year. She got wonderful gifts, including a walkie-talkie, cute clothes, and puzzles. It was a fun birthday and she loved getting sung to and blowing out her candles.

-Ireland is still infatuated with socks. We can see why she still wants them on her feet because she has the sweatiest hands & feet known to mankind, but does she really NEED them on her hands? We find socks all over the house.

-TA-DA...! Ireland is POTTY TRAINED! She still has accidents once in a while, but she is doing SO WELL! She had a potty-party day with her cousin Joshua & got to open presents when she went in the potty. After potty training, we went to Arctic Circle to celebrate Ireland & Joshua being a big boy & girl!

-When Ireland does have an accident, it’s hard to get mad, because she will run to you & sign & say “Sorry mom! I peeped!”

-Grandma Potts put Ireland in Kezi’s jumper just for fun & now Ireland wants to get in it all the time. She just jumps up & down & gets a lot of energy out!

-We’ve been reading James & the Giant Peach this past month & then we watched the movie. The book was definitely better. It was a fun read since it was one of mom’s favorite books growing up. She earned enough reading points with the library to get 3 prizes!

-One day, Ireland says “Mom – will you help me with my D-D-D-Dora shoes?” (think in your mind of the Dora theme song J

-Ireland continues to have one bump or bruise after another. One day while jumping on the tramp, she fell against the bar & got a huge goose egg & bruise.

-Ireland recognizes & writes the letter I for Ireland! We signed her up for preschool at the Little Blue Schoolhouse down the road – the same one her cousin Joshua will be going to. We’re excited for her!

-In our FHE, we were talking about names. We went through everyone’s first, middle & last name. We got to daddy & said “what’s his first name?” both girls: “Jason!” good job. “what’s his middle name?.....pause…. it starts with a D….” Irleand: DADDY!

-Ireland did SO well in her swim lessons & we are both so proud of her. Mom was kind of worried about it since she JUST turned 3. She got distracted quite a bit, but she never got out of the pool without the teacher telling her to & she tried to do what the teacher said. Her teacher said she’ll be an awesome breaststroker if she stays with it!

-whenever we get home or whenever she wakes up, she runs through the house yelling “Grandma! Grandma!” She’s so excited to see her Grandma!

-For some reason, Ireland has started eating her pizza upside-down. As in… all the toppings fall in her lap.

-There were some flies in the house & dad said we needed to shoo them. Ireland said “Yeah! Shoot them daddy! Shoot them!”

-Whenever Ireland talks about swimming, it comes out “schwimming.” “mom- I wanna go shwimming!” “I can’t find my shwimming suit!”

-If you ask her to do something, Ireland says “I will, I will!”

-Ireland has learned a trick from her big sister: when she gets in time-out, automatically she says she needs to go potty!

-Mom was fixing Ireland’s hair one day & apparently brushing too hard. Ireland said “Mom – you’re owie-ing me!”


-Kezi had a rough month with being in the hospital for 4 days. All the shots, poking, prodding, checking, and being always hooked up to the machines was pretty traumatizing for her, but she did pretty well & all the nurses & doctors went on & on about how adorable she was. She even gave smiles when they were hurting her. She sure slept and acted better once she was home, though. There were lots of prayers said on her behalf & we are all so thankful that she is going to be OK.

-Kezia has some new tricks this month – she loves to click her tongue, pop her mouth, and shake her head. She’s a cutie!!

-She is quite the copy-cat and will try and mimic whatever facial expression or sound you make.

-Kezia can put her hand over her mouth & say “ba-ba-ba-ba!”

-She says ma-ma, da-da, & hi!

-Whenever Kezia wakes up from a nap or in the morning, mommy brings her to the top of the stairs & lifts her up to play peek-a-boo with whoever is up there. She loves this game.

-Kezi is crawling all over, pulling up on everything & has started to let go of things & stand by herself for a second or two. She has had a couple falls this month – once from the hospital bed to the linoleum floor – and got quite a bruise on her head.

-She is interacting with her sisters more & more each day. She wants to be with them & loves it when they include her in their games.

-One day Kezia was outside & her cousin, Michael, brought her to mom & said “Ummm… here’s your baby. I think she needs to be milked”

-She still is having a hard time sleeping through the night. About every other night, she is up for an hour or more.

-She doesn’t like her medicine that much, but she takes it OK.

-Kezi LOVES to hang out with mom & dad on their bed & crawl from one parent to the other & babble on with her cute baby talk. We love it, too.

-Kezia still doesn’t like baby food that much & would rather eat pretzels, yogurt, crackers, cookies & especially popsicles.

-Kezia loves singing & she will wave her arm around like she’s leading music. It’s so, so cute!


Heidi Hamilton said...

It is so much fun to read the comments and recognize many of them. I remember the night she wanted Daddy to shoot the flies!!

I love being a grandma. All the girls are so cute!

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Kezia! I can only imagine how scary that was and is. All your girls are adorable and love reading their personalities. Some of them sound like things Lincoln would say! I miss seeing you. If u want an invite to my blog email me :) I'm glad they figured out what is going on with Kezia!

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

I am so glad that Kezi is OK. What a hellacious episode. I love your uplifting and down-to-earth posts. Thanks for helping me a lot of bright sides even when your life was hard.

Happy she is home and healthy.

PS I think the "Stay-cation" idea will catch on fo sure. Brillant!