Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Ideas

So - I have been looking for some ways to earn some extra Christmas money & I thought I might offer some of my services to others. If you or someone you know would be interested in the following, please e-mail me -!

I offer the following services:
VHS and camcorder tapes to DVD transferring: $22-includes menu and chapters
How about getting that stack of VHS or camcorder tapes finally transferred over to DVD? You’ll have an organized set of DVDs with chapters to easily find what you’re looking for!

Photo Slideshow: Starting at $30
Here are some GREAT ideas for slideshows:
-Baby arrivals
-Eagle Scouts
These include music, amazing transitions, and captions!

Basic web design and publishing services: $20/hr

Finally get your idea/business/family updates out on the web! I build simple, attractive, functional websites (no login or password requirements please).


Patricia Potts said...

Fabulous, fantastic terrific! Count us in for "d" all of the above! Heidi, I am so exceedingly thankful for my excellent, excelling daughter!
p.s. I will pass this to my email list!

Ev said...

Are these websites on blogspot or what? Just wondered as we will want to do one for Josh's music when he comes home from Africa???
Also, wondered how Patricia does hers. Is it one you did or is it a monthly fee type? Thanks

Ev said...

I forgot to tell you - Cute family and cute website!!! Sorry. You all have sure grown up and done so well after these past years. Happy for you!