Sunday, November 16, 2008

Waaaay cool Weekend

Jason & I have needed some 1-on-1 time for a while, so we asked my sweet sis Trisha to watch the girls for us Saturday afteroon to Sunday afternoon. It worked out even better than we thought because Jason ended up getting Saturday off school, so we headed over to Trisha's about 11am, dropped the girls off, and headed for Park City. It was a beyond perfect day. I found myself wishing I could have gone on a very long run, but nonetheless I got a great workout shopping at the outlets - we were there for more than 4 hours - and it was crowded! We had a great time, though, and got plenty of Christmas shopping done. As a sidenote - I got some clothes and was bewildered at the size distortion. I fit comfortably in a size 4 at Eddie Bauer and could barely fit into a size 9 at the Levis store! How's a girl supposed to tell what size she really is? Another sidenote - It amazes me every time, but even though I really need and enjoy the time off, my heart constantly is aching for my sweet girls - especially when I saw other people with their kids. It was also a bit surreal to be up there after living just down the road from the outlets for 3 years. I felt like a tourist instead of a local. Sigh...
After shopping, we headed into town to watch the new 007 movie - Quantum of Solace. I'm not a movie buff, but I would say I didn't like it as much as Casino Royal - too fast, no real romance, and so much violence. Next time, babe, I get to pick the movie!
After the movie, we went over to the Ericksons to hang out with Vic & Molly and Dan & Darcie. They were so sweet to let us just pop in. We had a great time catching up, eating goodies, and playing games. We first played Loaded Questions - great getting to know you game - girls were way ahead, but somehow lost in the end. Then it was Apples to Apples - more fun and laughter. But we really let it all down when they brought out the Rock Band gear - it was my first time playing...and you could tell. I started with the guitar. Wow. That was scary. The drums were a bit better, but not much! I thought the singing was fun, but I wasn't terribly good at that either. It was a lot of fun, though, and the best part was being with friends and just having a great time. Thanks guys!
Today (Sunday) we went to church (a bit late after our midnight jam session) and enjoyed a nice nap afterwards. We picked our girls at around 3pm - they had so much fun with their Aunt Trisha. She is so good with them and even took them to church by herself - during naptime - without Darren (he was sick) - you're awesome Trish! Thank you - We love you!

After leaving the theatre, we were driving down the road and I looked over and this sight took my breath away! It was amazing! This picture is truly lame compared to the actual sight. It was larger than life!

Anyone need a cute, pregnant, amazing drummer girl for their band? Molly was pretty good!

Our Park City band

More rocking out!

Mrs Multitask - covering for her husband's (cough, cough) lack of self-proclaimed vocal skills :)

McKinley couldn't stop talking about the fun they had on the way home. She loves her Aunt Trish!

This picture really has nothing to do with anything - other than I couldn't help but laugh at her face. She really loved my Taco Soup tonight!


Patricia Potts said...

Waaay neat blog!!!

Get Hooked said...

How fun to have husband & Wife time. Looks like you had a great time. I'm a little jealous, but so glad you got it.

Lena Baron said...

Ohh that's so good! Leif and I have been craving that. We're looking forward to when Caleb doesn't need me as much so we can run away for a weekend:)

Kristen said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I know what you mean about feeling like tourists when you go to Park City. It's wierd how I feel that way even though I live 15 minutes away now. I miss it still. Ryan and I decided we may buy a house in Pinebrook when we retire. :)

Britany said...

What a fun weekend... and that messy face is adorable!!!