Monday, November 3, 2008

October Newsletter & Slideshow

Holy Shnikes - where did October go? Are we already talking about Thanksgiving & Christmas? Slideshow below (minus Tennessee - that slideshow is posted 2 below this one), Newsletter on the right.

As usual, here's some highlights from the adventures of McKinley & Ireland:

McKINLEY: Here’s some of McKinley’s latest antics:
- McKinley got a farm puzzle for her birthday and we have been so impressed. Within a week she was putting together the 25 piece puzzle together all by herself! So smart!
- Mom was in her study and McKinley was playing on her computer. She figured out an online puzzle and was excited. Mom said “you’re so smart McKinley!” McKinley responded “Yeah – I am smart!”
- McKinley loves to talk on the phone lately, but at the end of every conversation, she says “My mom/dad wants to talk to you!” – we have no idea why.
- The other day McKinley was singing Oh My Gosh to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle little star.
- Mom flashed the I LOVE YOU sign to McKinley. She hasn’t quite mastered all the signs and happily flashed a peace sign back at her.
- McKinley has been into signs lately and will ask what the sign for something is – or she’ll make up a sign with her hands and ask which sign it is. -
When McKinley comes in from playing outside or downstairs – or when she get’s done with something, she’ll say “SHOO!” (like whew!)
- Mom asked McKinley what she wanted to eat for lunch. McKinley replied “A parrot!” mom was a bit confused, but after a minute realized she meant “pear”
- We were putting McKinley to bed one night and she looks up and asks “Dad – did Jesus make my room?”
- If something falls or she makes a mistake, she say “Whoopsy Daisy!”
- McKinley wanted to help Ireland with the prayer the other day, so she told her what to say – it was funny because she said it in this soft, high-pitched voice.
- McKinley prays in almost every prayer “Thank you for (Mommy, Daddy, Ireland, McKinley) to share”
- When we left for Tennessee, McKinley was worried about Dezi the fish missing us. She also still talks about how Dezi is missing her mommy and daddy.
- McKinley was eating ice cream. We asked if she was cold. She said “Yeah… It’s freezin’ me up!” - We got the Knuffle Bunny book from the library. It’s almost the only book she wanted to read for 3 weeks. She called it the daddy book.
- One morning after waking up and going potty, McKinley announced “Daddy – my pee matches the sun!”
- McKinley was watching Dora on the plane – she had headphones on. I’m sure half the people on the plane heard her yelling “BACKPACK!” and “MAP” and “ARREBA!”
- McKinley is having problems keeping her seatbelt over her shoulder. She likes to put in under her armpit. We’re constantly reminding her that it’s not safe.
- McKinley had a lot of fun in Tennessee. Her and Zach became best pals and they especially loved to play with Zach’s toads.
- McKinley had a GREAT time enjoying Halloween this year. She was a pro at knocking on doors, saying trick-or-treat, and saying thank you! She kept saying thank you until the person said you’re welcome. Everyone loved her cute cheerleading costume and light-up shoes.
- McKinley already knows what she’s asking Santa for – a scooter bike and a car she can drive. I guess we’ll see!

IRELAND: Ireland is a constant source of joy and amazement to us. She is so beautiful & smart! Here’s some of her latest activities:
- She likes to play the game where I turn my head away and she grabs my face & pulls it back to her. She laughs and laughs!
- Ireland has really gotten into little games. She LOVES ring around the rosies. She doesn’t even need anyone to play with. She’ll just turn around in circles and fall down. It’s so cute.
- Another thing Ireland has learned is the word MINE. And she uses it quite frequently. She obviously assumes everything is hers and has not come close to mastering the concept of sharing yet. Especially with Sam, Joshua and Sienna this past month.
- Ireland can point to and say EYES, NOSE, MOUTH, TEETH, and HEAD
- Mommy sneezed the other day and Ireland said bless you! - Ireland is really down to 1 nap a day now. It’s been hard, but nice to coordinate so that McKinley & Ireland take naps at the same time.
- Ireland loves to say and look at the moon. She likes to see it before she goes to bed. - She loves Old McDonald and will say EYA-EYA-O!
- Ireland loves to color. On everything. Walls, cabinets, the pantry shelves. We finally got some color wonder markers and that has been a life-saver.
- Ireland is really progressing in her speech. She can mimic almost any word and is really starting to use 2 words together now.
- Ireland likes to chase after McKinley – they chase after each other and laugh and laugh.
- When McKinley has a friend over, Ireland likes to tag along. She gets upset if they don’t want to play with her.
- Ireland had fun on Halloween, too. She was a bit ornery until we left, but she LOVED to walk around (though mommy had to keep her from the road) and she was great at saying “Thank you!” It was so cute.
- Ireland continues to LOVE shoes – especially high heels. She saw someone at church wearing heels & promptly started taking off her shoes so she could put them on. She has a love/hate relationship with her own shoes. She wants them on, but takes them off after about 2 minutes.


SimonSmiles said...

Heidi, I always LAUGH so hard when I read these! Wishing I was there to see and here these things! So adorable! I hope when we have kids I can be as dilligent about writing these things down. They sure don't last forever!...
Thank you for sharing!

Get Hooked said...

I am so so impressed with how you put together a newsletter and a slideshow each month. Every month I read yours and think 'I should do this.' But every month goes by and I just don't!

I love all the cute things they say and do. Your kids will really appreciate this some day.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I love that Ireland loves high heels! :) A shoe fetish is born. I love your updates about the girls, so fun! I can't believe October is over already, either. I heard Christmas music on FM 100 yesterday, it kind of threw me for a loop!

Patricia Potts said...

Heidi, I think this is my favorite show. It was easy to see, fun music, darling floating bats and such--let along some of the most adorable grandchildren on the face of the earth (all 10 of them). Josie and I had a great time watching on this snowy morning.

Lena Baron said...

I always love your newsletters and slide shows! Such a sweet family!

Market Maven said...

so cute! love the stories