Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gymnastics Routines that NBC Didn't Air

My sister and husband both forwarded me these videos that were going around. It brought back a lot of memories since Paul Hunt was my gymnastics coach. Obviously, they weren't from this past Olympics, but I love that they have commentators and everything. Watching this, you might assume that he was the funniest, happiest, most easy-going coach around. Actually, quite the opposite. I watch these and wonder who that guy is. Sure, he'd joke around here or there, but honestly the guy scared me to death most of the time. He was quite the slave driver. It's fun to watch these videos, though, and see the lighter side. Anyway, thought I'd post these before the Olympics were too far in the past. Enjoy!

Beam Routine

Floor Routine

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Shelf said...

I am glad you found them. I was going to send you the links because I found them the other day...no need now. He was hard core but I truley appreciate the discipline he instilled in me. Although, that discipline has begun to fade over the years!!