Saturday, August 9, 2008

Needed Inventions

This weekend was our Potts Family Reunion. I'll probably do another post about that, but we were water-skiing at Jordanelle today and we got into a conversation that reminded me about something that I've been meaning to post about.
I know we have it pretty easy. We have SO many luxuries that people couldn't even DREAM up 100 years ago. With that said, however, I also think there are some additional things that would be helpful. Here's my list of inventions I can't wait to see:

1. Alternative modes of transportation. This is what we were talking about at the lake today. I just can't see WHY we spend SO MANY billions of dollars on making bigger, more "advanced" automobiles when what we really need is an entirely different mode of transportation. 100 years ago they really did not think after the turn of the millineam we would still be driving around in wheel and axle vehicles. They thought we'd all be driving around in small flying machines. I'm thinking a cross between a helicopter and a mini airplane. Obviously, it would have to be something that ran on alternative fuel - like solar power - or hey, thinking of Back to the Future II, why can't we turn our garbage into fuel? We spend SO much $$ on asphalt, concrete, highway infrastructure, etc. I think we should be putting that $$ into a sky infrastructure. No pavement. No tires. Less traffic.
Jason & I were talking about this on the way home and we decided that flying machines would be great, but teleportation would be even better. Ok - I know Star Trek is more science fiction than science fact, but I think the science behind teleportation is not as unfathomable as we might think. Oh, the possibilities. Breakfast in Paris. Lunch in Moscow. Home for dinner. Living WHEREVER you wanted, not being tied to where you can get a job. Cool.

2. Self-cleaning floors. Don't know how exactly this would work. All I know is that I could spend ALL day just trying to keep my floors clean. Honestly, if I did it as much as it needed it, I would probably sweep and vaccuum 10 times a day.

3. Computer Functions applied to real life. Okay, so this is really more far-fetched, but I just wish sometimes that I could use the same function keys in my life that I can use on my computer. I will lose something (keys, library books, etc) and mentally, I just try to use the Ctrl+F to find what I'm looking for. Another one that would REALLY come in handy - the "undo" button. I can't say how many times I have done something that doesn't end up working out right and I just want to hit the "undo" button - UNDO, UNDO, UNDO. It never works. Of course, we'd never really learn in life if we could always hit the undo button, but for some little minor things, it sure would be nice.

4. GPS chip for children. Seriously, I would be in favor of getting a small GPS chip under my child's skin, so I would always know where they're at. I know that seems extreme, but I see the HORRIBLE things in the news and just can't help but wish that I could always know where my kids are. At least until they're 18.

So, there you go. Comment & let me know what your needed inventions would be!


Get Hooked said...

I am all for many of your ideas. Especially the GPS for kids and the floor cleaner. I wish I had my own live in Rosey! (Was that her name?) This post made me laugh! There have been so many times I just wish I didn't have to drive to get somewhere. I'm more for the snap of the finger type travel, or wiggle of the nose! You have me thinking, I'll let you know some of my TBI (To be invented!)

Buch Bunch said...

Good stuff. I think they should call the micro chip the "kidchip". They could remove the chip when the child reached the age of 18 or something. (Of course, I would have hated having a chip when I was a teen. My parents would have shown up many times unwanted!) It's certainly a great idea though.