Monday, August 25, 2008

TOU Half

Last Saturday was the Top of Utah half marathon in Logan. I wasn't originally planning on it, but since my dad & I hadn't raced together since 2000 at the St. George marathon, I figured it would be fun. My main goal was just to keep up with him - for an old guy he's pretty fast! In the end, we finished at 1:45, which I was really happy with. It was a great, beautiful run. The weather couldn't have been more perfect - a nice, crisp wind and overcast skies. I kept waiting for the "hurt" to set in and I was surprised that it never came. Especially since I hadn't really gotten the training in that I wanted to. So, I was thankful that I felt great the whole time and really just enjoyed it. My dad was training with a guy from his work and he was just behind us the whole time - even placed in his age division. So - for a couple old guys and a sleep deprived mom (we stayed in a hotel the night before and I got maybe 4 and a half hours sleep), I thought we did pretty good! Thanks, dad, for letting me tag along - and thanks sweetie for more support with watching the girls while I trained!

pool at the hotel

me & dad coming in the last few yards

Me & my girls (who apparently didn't want to look at the camera) Notice the cute sign behind me my mom made

Me, Ron Houston, and my dad

Me & my dad

Me and my cheerleaders

After the race we asked McKinley what she wanted to do. She said "go to the temple and dance!" So, that's what we did. She loved it.

So, there you have it. No immediate races planned. I'm actually looking forward to getting more varied workouts in - yoga and weight training especially.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

You are amazing, look at those biceps! I'd kill to look that great! :) So sorry we haven't planned the BBQ yet. I got an email from Darcie and she is game, so maybe in the next few weeks we should plan it. The next couple of weekends are kind of crazy for us. But we definately want to get together. Ryan saw the Summers today and they said they're game too. Hope you're recovering from your race!

Britany said...

Wow - way to go!!!! You need to rest for a while! :)

Love the family pics. Wheeler Farm, right? Looks like where we did our kids pics this summer!

Shelf said...

You are just amazing!! I wish I had that kind of discipline.

Get Hooked said...

You are amazing! I wish I had your drive! I remember how great it felt to be a runner, but it really hurts getting back there. And I have and use every excuse there is. And then you go and make it look so easy. Share some of your secerets. How do you get your body to crave that?

Karen S. said...

Heidi - great time on the 1/2 marathon! You continue to inspire me! I bought a new road bike this summer and had a blast riding in a couple of century rides. Maybe some day I'll learn to swim and can do a triathlon?! Miss you.