Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adventures in Camping

This year for our annual Labor Day camping trip with Jason's family, we went just below Fishlake. We were missing Grandma and Grandpa Devenish who were galavanting around the country in their camper! Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly (in reverse order, so we can end on the positives)from last weekend:

-Puking. Lots of it. The girls caught a stomach flu bug and had a hard time eating anything and keeping it down. We almost went home, but ended up sticking it out. Don't know that we should've, but we did.
- I counted 8 times for Ireland in 3 days. My favorite was when I had her in the hiking backpack. Yeah...all over my back, hair, etc.
- McKinley threw up 3 times. She perked up Sunday afternoon, but before then, she just laid around and didn't want to do or eat anything.
- Poor Jason. He woke up the day after sleeping in the tent and could barely move. He has a bad back anyway and the air mattress didn't agree with him. He was really sore the next couple days. In addition, he caught the bug and was up almost all night on Sunday night in the bathroom. He was not a happy camper (sorry, I couldn't help it) the next day.

-Tenting it really wasn't so bad, but everyone else had trailers. They were in a spot with no shade, so we had to camp a little ways down the road away from everyone where we could find shade.
-Jason really wanted to get to the camping spot by Friday night. We didn't get there until Saturday afternoon. The puking incidents slowed us down a bit.
-I was helping to make pancakes on Monday morning because Jason didn't feel up to it. I told McKinley she could help me break an egg & put it in the bowl. Don't know exactly what happened but before I knew it, there was flour, oil, egg everywhere. All over me, McKinley, and the Hamilton trailer. It really was rather comical - I wish I would've taken a picture - but it took a while to clean up that mess.
-We were fine in the tent the first night - warm and dry - even with all the rain, but Ireland woke up about 3:30am and didn't go back to sleep until about 5.

-Jason had a fun ride on his dirt bike that first day.
-The dogs were basically in heaven up there. Tundra had to be chained since he would run into the street, but the kids from all the families (Jeff's friends) were so cute with him and he loved the attention. Sydney had a great time wandering, smelling, loving it up there.
-It was cool weather most of the time, but it was really a nice break from the heat that we had had previously and it was a good excuse for a fire!
-No one caught any fish, but everyone had a great time fishing. I held Ireland and we both took a nap as the sun warmed us and the wind rustled through the long grass and over the Fremont River.
-The stars at night were breathtaking. I LOVE seeing the stars at night while we're camping. The girls and I sang Twinkle, Twinkle and I am like a star.
-We loved sitting around the campfire - talking, roasting marshmallows, cooking hot dogs.
-We went on some fun 4-wheeler rides.
-The kids and I had fun playing Candyland and UNO.
-Good food - I was thankful we didn't forget anything!
-We had a great time visiting with the St. George Hamiltons and the Reed kids. Keeley was so sweet to let me steal her stuff since most of ours was back at our camp.
-That last night Scott Christensen let us use his cabin up there. It was so nice - the girls were even able to take a bath!

Ireland, Camri & Me

Aunt Keeley and a sick McKinley

Hanging around the campfire

Had to get a picture of this. The ONLY time my kids fall asleep in someone's arms is if they're COMPLETELY overtired or sick.

McKinley's first time fishing. She was bummed she didn't catch a fish, but she still had fun. It was neat to see Jason share his passion for fishing with his daughter.


Patricia Potts said...

When you talked about the ugly, bad and good I thought our our Sunday talks about the plus and tough stuff. :)
I'm so sorry you had to live through the puking-on-the-hair thing. Yuk!
I loved the "happy camper comment" and the pancake incident:)
Most of all I loved that you didn't forget anything. You can not we our official "non-forgetter" since Grandma's camper has been deemed no longer fit!
I love you camper girl!! Thanks for making memories come alive!

SimonSmiles said...

Hey! This is me leaving a comment. Lucky you!

SimonSmiles said...

Just kidding. I'll leave more than that. Sheesh you are so good at keeping track of every little thing that happened. I'm impressed sister! That's great! Poor girls. Are they over it now? Did you or Jas ever get sick? I love the picture of Jas and McKinley Fishing :)

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Oh no! I can't believe the girls were sick for the campout! No fun. I LOVE that pictures of Jason holding Ireland. He looks tired but content.

So Ryan and I decided today we are just going to plan a date for the BBQ. I will let you know what we decide. We miss all our old PC friends so much!