Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Know You're a Parent When...

So, I realized most of my recent posts have been really serious. I promise I have a sense of humor people - not as highly developed as some - but it does exist.
In that light, I've been working on the "You know you're a parent when..." list for a little while now. Please feel free to comment and add your own.


1. You know exactly how many minutes are left for you to get stuff done when you hear "Mail Time!" or "La, la, la, la Elmo's World..."

2. Your life is continuously narrated by this little voice that hovers nearby: "Mommy - what are you doing?" "Mommy, what's that" "Mommy, what are you looking at?" "Mommy, are you going to eat that?" "Mommy, that's your shoe."

3. You see someone that's grouchy at the grocery store and automatically blurt out "Poor guy. Missed your nap today, huh?"

4. You have wipies in every room of your house and both cars. (Ok - maybe that's just us).

5. You've counted to three so many times, you're really not sure what comes next.

6. You find yourself discussing the latest episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with your next-door neighbor - analyzing character development and the never-ending question: Just what really IS Goofy?

7. You look to the back seat just to double-check that your children (and Swiper, Dora, Elmo, Blue or whoever) are seat-belted in properly.

8. You hide treats and wait for the minute that your kids are playing somewhere else so you can wolf it down before a begging hand and a whiney voice can find you.

9. You find yourself saying all the things you swore you would never say to your child - "Because I said so." "Close the door! Are you trying to heat/cool the whole neighborhood?", etc.

10. You buy Shout stain remover and Oxyclean in bulk... and go through them every week.

11. Sleeping in is 8am.

12. You are literally terrified of cleaning out behind your child's car seat or high chair because you're not sure what is hiding/growing/living under there.

13. You know 50 different ways of saying "Good Job!"

14. You also know 50 different "kid-friendly" ways of cursing.

And with that, I have posted 2 of my favorite YouTube videos about being a parent. Love them.


Kristen said...

My favorite is the hiding the treats and eating them quietly and hidden so the kids won't take them from you! That is TOTALLY me!

Shelf said...

I am all about having wipes in all our vehicles, in my purse, every room in the house, etc! You know your a parent when you understand the saying your parents said to you "enjoy every moment because it goes by fast"

Get Hooked said...

You know your a parent when... at the end of the day you can tell what your children have eaten, by the remnants left on your clothes. (I think it's part of a mom uniform to have some sort of food/spit up/snot/dirt on your clothes. Maybe I'm the only one with that problem?!?) Or When you've spent all day cleaning only to find your house a mess at the end of the day. Or when you've cleaned up more spills then you can count. (I asked David last night how many spills he thinks I clean up on a daily basis.) Man this job is harder then anyone told me it would be... BUT SO WORTH IT!!!

Josh said...

Wow, I think you hit those right on the nose. I can't believe how true those statements are. Way to go Heidi, you summed it up for me. I will have to show this to my wife.