Sunday, September 14, 2008

Name Scattegories

I had some time on this mellow Sunday and decided to give this a shot. Not very original, but it is what it is.

what is your name? Heidi
4 letter word: Home
pro sports team: Hawks
celebrity/band: Heather Locklear
vehicle: Hummer
tv shows: Happy Days, Handy Manny (for McKinley), Hannah Montana (for Kalli)
city: Houston, TX
boy name: Hayden
girl name: Hadley
occupation: Home health aid
something you wear: Hat
something you throw away: hairball
food: Honeydew melon (mmmm)
something found in a bathroom: Hairspray
reason for being late: Hot sex
something you shout: Howdy!


SimonSmiles said...

Haha nice! Darrin and I got a good kick out of this. Way to get all the names starting with an "H"

Britany said...

Hot sex?! Didn't expect that from you - HA HA!!!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I love the name Hayden for a boy. I have a darling nephew named Hayden!