Thursday, September 11, 2008

Signing Time, Preschool, and Birthday Recap

Sorry I had to do this 3-in-1 post, but there's a lot to share.

First, I wanted to share a video of Ireland. I realize I don't write nearly as much about her on this blog as I do McKinley, but I wanted to share a video of her doing signs. I was introduced to Signing Time by my friend Britany when McKinley was probably 10 months old. We bought 12 of the DVDs and McKinley LOVED them. Ireland has loved them as well & probably knows close to 30 signs. It is so much fun to watch her grow and learn and express herself. I tried forever to get a video of her as Signing Time comes on - she gets so excited and waves her arms - but she wouldn't do it for the camera. Anyway, I could have gone on with the quizzing, but once she heard milk, she wanted to go find some. Enjoy!

Second, I wanted to do a re-cap of McKinley's birthday. It went really well and she had a great time. She kept saying "I'm the birthday girl!" and "Happy Birthday to me!" Here's some pics from the fun, eventful day:

McKinley with her traditional crown, birthday tablecloth, and birthday plate. I made french toast for the occasion. We do have quite a few birthday traditions. You can pin that to my mom (which, by the way, set my husband up for extreme failure after we were married, but my girls will have to deal with that later).

Her birthday was also her first day of preschool. It technically started a week earlier, but she had remnants of the stomach flu and I didn't want the other kids to get it. We do a combined preschool with 4 other mom's in the neighborhood. It was at our house this week and McKinley had a great time with all her friends.

Cupcakes for snack time at preschool. Hey, there's 2 missing! ... ;)

McKinley getting ready to let go of the traditional one-for-each age balloons.

She miraculously took a nice, long nap that day. When she woke up I told her where we were going. She got SO excited and said "I'm going to dance with Chuck E. Cheese! I won't be scared!" It was worth the money we spent on pizza and tokens just to see the look on her face as she danced with Mr. Cheese. It was priceless! She even gave him a big hug at the end.

After a couple hours at Chuck E. Cheese (thanks for coming Matthews and Edwards kids), Jason took McKinley for a date to our local Wal-mart. Meet the newest member of our family - Dezi the fish. McKinley loves it. She tickles it, talks to it, brings it water (I had to explain that one to her). Her only worry is that Dezi is missing her mommy and daddy. Maybe we'll have to get 1 or 2 more so she's not lonely.


Britany said...

What we would ever do without Signing Time??!! Seriously, when I watch kids that don't know signs, I get frustrated so I can only imagine how they feel! Ireland knows WAY more signs than Kenyon. she is adorable!!!

Patricia Potts said...

You are so kind to credit me to making birthdays special. I didn't do nearly what you do but I certainy was grateful every year for my beautiful children like you!! Love, mom
Great job! I can't wait to meet Deiz

Lena Baron said...

Jakob says he wants to see another video of Ireland:)
I'll have to look into Signing Time for Caleb!

Get Hooked said...

We should have had you make the crowns for preschool. I was feeling pretty good about mine, until I saw yours! I'm so excited to get to know McKinley. She sounds so cute and full of personality. I'm getting a little worried about preschool this week, since you commented about it being a lot to tackle. Maybe I should have you look through my plan!

Patricia Potts said...

I loved Ireland's signs. As soon as you said "mike" I think she demonstarated that she wanted milk!! Heidi, you do such great job with the girls. I'm so proud of you.