Friday, September 5, 2008

August Newsletter & Slideshow

I realize much of this is repeat - but I have to capture it all in one place for posterity. I also realize that the video is not the clearest, but I make it on Pinnacle Studio (so I can burn a DVD) and I haven't found a way to upload it that doesn't take 5 hours, but is still crystal clear. If anyone out there has a suggestion, I would be completely open! Anyway, the link to the newsletter is on the left, video below (don't forget to pause the music on the left) and kids' highlights below.

McKINLEY: Here’s some things that our sweet, hilarious, adorable little girl has been up to:
-She was sitting at the table and said “There’s beer in my cup!” Mommy was confused considering she didn’t think McKinley even knew what that was, so went over there and McKinley pointed to the BEAR on her cup – “See mommy! Beer!”
-McKinley has really gotten into singing and will make up her own random songs, tunes, and dances. They’re so cute.
-She is still quite the little bossy girl and tells anyone who she thinks is messing up “No! That is not how you do it!” Mommy was doing singing time in nursery and she kept turning to the poor little boy next to her and saying – THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DO IT!
-When the Olympics were on, they had Bella Karoli talking about gymnastics. They went to a different shot and McKinley says “Mom – make Jesus come back on!”
-We’ve been driving more with the windows rolled down, but McKinley doesn’t like it too much. She says “Mom – please turn the wind off!”
-McKinley: “Ireland hit me!” Mom: “No she didn’t.” McKinley: “Mom don’t say that! I’m talking to dad!” Dad: “yes, McKinley?” McKinley: “I love you dad.” I think we’ve gone from the terrible twos to the sassy threes!
-At Cascade Springs, McKinley saw some water skeeters and they made a shadow on the dirt below the water. She says “Mom – look! A clue, a clue!” So –she pulls out her “notebook” and pretends to write.
-McKinley was dancing and mommy asked what she was doing. She said “Dancing with Jesus!”
-Mom was on her computer and McKinley was in the room with her. Mom had to run upstairs for a minute and when she came back down and saw McKinley on her computer, she looks over and says “Mom – I’m checking my e-mail!”
-Somehow we came up with a song that we like to sing at lunchtime. It goes “There’s more, more on the way – we got more, more – here you say.” (2x) then “We’re gonna eat, eat, eat to the beat” (2x). The girls love to sing it.
-McKinley is down to about 1 nap a week. She still usually has at least an hour of quiet time, but in the next couple months, she may be nap-free.
-McKinley looked over at mommy one morning and said “Hey, little lady.” We have no idea where she got that from. Toy Story?
-McKinley likes to help mommy vaccum, sweep, and mop. Mommy was done sweeping, but McKinley wanted to help, so she took chips from the pantry and smashed them on the kitchen floor so she would have something to clean up.

IRELAND: Ireland is amazing, beautiful and full of life. She’s been doing so many fun things, including:
-Ireland can sign and say many words, including: FLOWER, HOT, KISSES, SHOES, SISTER, BUBBLES, STINKY, BABY, BIRD, PLEASE, NO
-Ireland likes to bang her head with the big puzzle pieces.
-Ireland still isn’t a fan of taking pictures, but once in while she will look at the camera and say “CHEESE!”
-Ireland is a big collector of rocks and sticks. We just have to watch the rocks in the mouth.
-She also loves to suck on markers – especially with the lids off.
-She’s also gotten into the shoe thing lately and loves putting on mommy’s flip flops, daddy’s work shoes, and McKinley’s Barbie shoes.
-Ireland is getting pretty good at brushing her little teeth. We’re just waiting on one more molar and she’s done with her 1st set of molars.
-She has started to get stubbornly independent. She could not get some shoes on the other day and when mommy tried to help her, she got very upset and only wanted to do it herself.
-If Ireland wakes up before McKinley is supposed to get out of her room for nap/quiet time, mom has to keep a close eye on her or she’ll walk right over to McKinley’s door and start banging – “KEEY! (Mckinley) SISTER!”
-Ireland was with mom when she put some clothes in the washing machine. When she saw it going round and round, she started blowing – like it was a pinwheel.
-We’ve had to start strapping Ireland in to her high chair. Mom looked over one day and she was standing on her tray! She also likes to get up on tables and countertops.
-If Ireland is in a bad mood and you give her something she doesn’t want – watch out! She will throw it either at you or the wall.

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cute post! I love hearing what little kids say. McKinley sounds so sassy, I love it!